Jonathon V. Diamond

Jonathon V. Diamond, is the founder of Diamond Investments and the J. Diamond Group (a media and entertainment holding company in the U.S. and U.K.), and co-founder of GRP Records, N2K, Inc., and the New Media Committee of the Whitney Museum.

Jon has served as CEO and President of Artistdirect, Inc. (2003–2008); CEO of ALJ Regional Holdings, Inc. (2002–2006); Executive Chairman of Clip International, LLC (2013–present); Chairman of Ford Models, Inc. and its subsidiary, Ford Media, Inc.; Chairman of ALJ Holdings, Inc. (~2001–2006); Chairman of CD Now, Inc.; Chairman of the J. Diamond Group (1991–1995); and Co-chairman / Vice-chairman of N2K, Inc. (1995–1999), and he has served as a director for ALJ Regional Holdings, Inc.; Artistdirect, Inc.; N2K, Inc.; Ford Models, Inc. and Ford Media; myplay, Inc.; and Telebase Systems, Inc.

Jon serves on the Whitney Museum Corporate Council; is a Director for the Alliance for Downtown N.Y. and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council; and served as Chairman of Opus 118, an inner-city music education program in Harlem.

Jon holds a B.A. in Economics and Music from the University of Michigan Honors College and an M.B.A. from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business.