Tax Efficient Investment Strategies


Maximizing tax-efficiency is a critical aspect of managing investment returns, right behind asset allocation and investment selection. We specialize in tax-efficient investment strategies, offering a crucial advantage designed to maximize your returns and minimize losses. 

We are able to use life insurance, variable annuities, and other strategies to defer and mitigate taxes. Variable universal life insurance and private placement variable life insurance allow our clients to invest in Variable Investment Trusts within the policy. Variable Investment Trusts are Separately Managed Accounts that mimic corresponding indexes, mutual funds, or hedge funds. Separately Managed Accounts are held away from the general account, protecting the client from credit risk. The cash value in these accounts depends upon the performance of the investments held in the policy. If structured appropriately, the growth of these policies is not subject to capital gains tax, allowing the client tax-free compounded growth. Clients can also distribute these assets tax free. In addition, the death benefits associated with these policies pay out tax free as well.

"Gideon Strategic Partners offers the ultimate tax efficient
solutions for the sophisticated investor."


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